quinta-feira, maio 21, 2009

I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris

In the absence of your love
And in the absence of human touch
I have decided
I'm throwing my arms around
Around Paris because
Only stone and steel accept my love

In the absence of your smiling face
I travel all over the place
And I have decided
I'm throwing my arms around
Around Paris because
Only stone and steel accept my love

I'm throwing my arms around
Around Paris because
Only stone and steel
Accept my love

I'm, I'm throwing my arms around
Paris because
Nobody wants my love
Nobody wants my love
Nobody needs my love
Nobody wants my love
Yes you've made yourself plain
Yes you've made yourself very plain

(Morrissey 2009)

8 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

The sound is not working on my computer. I hate to comment without hearing the sound of the words but...

The lyrics haunted me all night. That image of stone and steel--it is so vivid, no? This cold, sharp hardness outside the human soul. Emily Dickenson wrote:

...is Loneliness –
The Maker of the soul
Its Caverns and its Corridors
Illuminate — or seal –

Perhaps the stone and steel of Paris are nothing more than these Caverns and Corridors made visible... Each forming the other in an embrace of love which leaves us lonely still.


Tempestade disse...

Is so good to have you here FSR, I hope you feel more at ease to write here and at the time of fotolog.
I walked in thinking that you wrote, and I do not see the stones and steel otherwise the corridors. In fact I was listening to the music of Morrissey without any reason, but suddenly I was transported within its environment (this happens often when I'm reading too).
I think the music has much impact just by the fact I was reading Anne Ricce, in recent weeks.
Suddenly I felt so wonderful that someone talk about feelings using pictures as strong as stone and steel. Thanks for making me understand them better.
(Oh and about the fact that you could not hear the music, you have not lost much of my version, I advise you to seek the same original music sung by Morrissey =P)

Anônimo disse...

I don't know of Anne Ricce's work, but I do understand the magic of being transported by words. :) It is a rare pleasure to find words from which the soul can drink and be filled. Perhaps it is the primalness of these two words... stone.... steel.... that reaches so deeply into our emotional imagery. I was thinking of fotolog and how many photos had this imagery. The iron gates and stone statues of a cemetary. The rusted steel of an old bridge with its rocky river bank. A child's bike on a gravel road. It is interesting how we see things without being aware of what we are really seeing, isn't it? All these permutations of stone and steel and never once did I realize why I was drawn to these images instead of others. :) Thank you!

I like your blog very much. This is a better format than fotolog.

As for Morrissey, I did find the song on Youtube, but would much rather hear your version. I like your music!

Vivianne Mello disse...

Retribuindo a visita... e aproveitando para dizer:
Salve! salve... o grande Morrissey.

Anônimo disse...

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Anônimo disse...

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